Greer, NYC

We hired Sajid to show us around for a few hours, and quickly booked him for the entire week in! Sajid took us to his favorite local markets, tucked-away butcher shops and even hosted us in his family's home for an incredible meal. The hours we spent laughing and talking in his tuk-tuk, truly experiencing Udaipur, were the highlight of our trip. I happily recommend Sajid to anyone visiting Udaipur. He is a lovely man, an expert at navigating Udaipur and a lifelong friend! 


Amy, Boston

As a woman traveling alone in India, I was uncomfortable with the pushiness that I experienced from so many of the drivers on the street. I was drawn to Sajid in a line of rickshaws, because while all of the other drivers were loudly soliciting, he was quietly sipping a chai. It was the right choice! Sajid's relaxed attitude was so refreshing and put me at ease immediately. I always felt safe and in control. I definitely recommend Sajid to solo female travelers, or anyone for that matter!   

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Sam, Chicago

My wife and I only had a day in Udaipur, but Sajid helped us get the most out of it. We toured the City Palace, had a delicious lunch at a little-known thali spot, did some shopping, caught the sunset at Monsoon Palace and then watched an amazing cultural performance under the stars! We let Sajid be our guide, and we were not dissapointed!


Julie, Los Angeles

When I travel, I am less interested in tourist destinations and really like to  see how a city is truly lived in. Sajid was totally amenable to this. We just drove around, chatted and stopped and wandered whenever I felt like it. It was so nice not feeling like I was at the whim of my driver, or that he was trying to take me to big attractions or shops where he would be paid a commission. One day, I even accompanied him on his daily errands. It was awesome!

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